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Outsourced Live Chat: Outsourced Doesn’t Have to Mean Offshore


When someone mentions the words outsourced live chat the image which may come to mind is a BPO centre, typically located in countries like the Philippines, India and Malaysia. Which is brilliant for the cost conscious business looking for a basic level of service. However now the more forward thinking businesses are on-shoring their call centres to improve customer satisfaction and performance as it is worth the small premium. This is probably even more applicable to outsourced live chat and here’s why.

An accent isn’t the only barrier

It is easy to think that with live chat, on-shoring is not required, as there are no issues with accent. However, in text based communication you have no tone of voice, no body language, and no expression. You rely purely on the correct interpretation of the text. If English isn’t the agents primary language, words can be misinterpreted easily, leading to frustration for your customer. Frustration leads to dissatisfaction. Dissatisfaction leads to the negative experience being shared. This becomes another customers ZMOT (zero moment of truth – more information can be found here). I love the ZMOT theory and it is becoming increasingly applicable.

Outsourced Live Chat & ZMOT


Do you remember that brief transactional encounter you had asking where the toothpaste was located in the One Pound/Dollar store last week? Share the experience with anyone? Hmm… thought not. But I bet you do remember those times someone has “gone the extra mile”. More and more businesses are allowing more freedom with their front line staff. Showing their true personalities through the channels they use. All dialogues are people talking to people. With our clients permission we empower our agents to ensure each encounter goes the extra mile and leaves a positive experience in the customers mind. One they may share.


Price and return on investment

The cost of implementing your own chat and hiring internal support staff for most businesses is too expensive; even more so when you factor in that chats don’t arrive in a linear fashion, and one minute you may be talking to no one and the next, 8 different prospects. There is a greater cost to the business than just cash paid out. Equally you can outsource your live chat for less than you might think. We have some clients paying just £5 a day as they have relatively low traffic.


Outsourced Live Chat Is an Option

We work on trust. We know the idea of handing over your live chat to someone else can be a little scary but put it this way, we recently had a call from a new client saying “You guys are handling the chats just as I would”. He later replied to one of the leads we sent him as follows:

An outsourced live chat clients reaction

I’m going to leave this blog post at that, but interested to hear your thoughts…


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