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The 3 trends that affect your B2B online communications and the changes you need to make to stay relevant


 If you’re looking for a summary of how B2B marketers need to react to recent developments, look no further than Real Time. Real People. Real Conversations. John Bottom, Head of Communications & Content, Base One.


This white paper looks at key trends in B2B online communication, and how this affects B2B communication strategies across:

> Email

> Facebook

> Twitter

> LinkedIn

> Live Chat 

With each of these, we’ll assess how changing trends impact the channel and what you need to do to make sure you’re not left behind.

To understand how to better communicate with your customers we consider three major factors:

1. Real Time

a. More informed buyers – ZMOT

b. Shift to real time information access

2. Real People

a. The Y Generation is coming

b. Shift to a contextual world

3. Real Conversations

a. Engaging is social, broadcasting is not

b. The funnel is dead


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  Most good business decision makers have a social presence nowadays whether that be on LinkedIn, Twitter or having a blog – so if you aren’t communicating in this space, then you are missing a trick.

Jacqui Keep, Marketing Executive, Powwownow, 2013