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5 eCommerce Issues, Solved.

We’ve heard it all before.

The Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of site performance issues. The Internet is a marvellous thing, but when it comes to websites, we still can’t quite seem to get it right.

This paper looks at 5 key performance issues, causes of them and what you could do to stop these impairing your ecommerce business.

1. High bounce rate

2. Poor engagement

3. Lost leads

4. Poor conversion

5. Poor ROI

Being specialists in live chat means we’ll specifically look at ways chat can work to solve these problems, or at the very least point you in the right direction.

We hope the paper brings together some ideas you may have thought of before, maybe some new areas to consider as well as offering strategies that actually work.

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 Offering customised invites based on what product the customer is currently looking at is an excellent cross/up sell tool. By making the content relevant you give an opportunity to display more of your product range to the customer.

5 eCommerce Issues, Solved,  Jonny Everett, 2013